Dangerous Leadership Training

July 24 - 28, 2024 in the Mountains of Colorado

Join us for a fantastic weekend in the mountains of Colorado. Enjoy fellowship with other young Christian men as we learn how to lead DM groups well and grow in our personal relationship with Jesus - all while Jeeping and hiking in God's beautiful creation.

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Dangerous Leadership Training 2023

Dangerous Men Summit

September 12-15, 2024 - Cotopaxi, CO

Continue your journey of discovering who God's called you to be in your family, work, and relationships. Gather with other fighting warriors for a playful yet contemplative weekend together.

Would you benefit from like-minded warriors?

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Dangerous Men Summit 2023

Training Resources

Order the guidebook for your group.

Order one copy for each of your group members. Have them pay you back, it's good for them to have ownership.

10 Rules for Spiritual Warriors

10 Rules for Spiritual Warriors is a short book that walks through 10 different tactics on how to fight spiritually, perfect for a small group study. It also works well for a discussion starter.

Lust Free Dating

Information like you have never seen before. If you are dating or planning on dating, take your chances with watching this one.

More Truth & Lies

Play this video to help your group attend the Steps to Freedom Retreat.

Recognize Satan's lies and the spiritual battle going on around us.

More podcasts & videos

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